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- Dr. Dawn Trimm "The Men In The Cage" - 2013

- Dr. Dawn Trimm "Renovate Your Mind WordBook" - 2013

- Dr. Gwendolyn T. Hope "I Am Divinely Connected To Be Fruitful" - 2013

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- Betray Me Not Part I

- Betray Me Not Part II A Mother's Revenge

- Betray Me Not Part II, A Mother's Revenge

- Eyes Never Lie

- Feast On the Word: Daily Theme Bible Devotion

- Jayda Robinson's 20 Reasons Not To Have Sex Before Marriage & Why

- Power Points For Daily Living

- The Breaking of Dawn

- The Champion Woman: Becoming A Champion Woman

- You Are Not Alone

- Groomed For The Kingdom: A Teenager Perspective

- Components of Life: Mind, Body & Spirit

- See, I Can Read Too!

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Author: Diana Knox Cooper
Hope of Vision Publishing

Prayer: Hated Without A Cause

“Dianna, the words the prophet spoke to you will come to pass. You want God to work in a hurry, but you’ve got to be patient. You need to write your book and tell your story. They need to hear your story.” That is some of the prophecy as I remember, that was spoken into my life. I knew over 10 years ago I was supposed to write a book, but didn’t realize the urgency of it until I got this particular prophecy...

Author: Marilyn D. Byrd
Hope of Vision Publishing

Title: Woman Divinely Designed

It was important to write again, mainly because the Holy Spirit sanctioned my pen. He kept telling me that there was more and each month, he provided the content so I obeyed. The newsletters were birthed from the Father sending a young woman to me to talk about what it meant to be married and with each session, she strongly expressed her discontentment with the union of marriage...

Author: Melvin C. Dawson, jr.
Hope of Vision Publishing

Title: The Man in The Hole

After dreaming of what success would look like on you, have you ever found yourself in a strange place of obscure isolation? In a place that’s far different from even your level of perceived expectations while at the same time you’re witnessing others around you experiencing seasons of success?  Then perhaps, you're the "Man (Woman) In The Hole" and what you “must learn” is how to appreciate this season...

Author: Sheldon Peterson
Hope of Vision Publishing

Title: A Conversation with God

I came to a season in life where nothing made sense to me anymore. There came a time in my life when God was calling me deeper. The place I was in at that time of life could no longer contain my destiny. I had to go deeper, deeper in God so that I could grow enough to embrace my new destiny. New wine cannot be placed in old wine skins...

Author: Dr. Dawn Trimm
Hope of Vision Publishing

Title: Radial Insights into the Created Purpose of the Woman

In a day when mysteries are being revealed and secret things released as a panacea to the woes of society, Dawn Trimm lifts a documentary of Women in Ministry...

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Author: Rita Harris, M.S.W.
Hope of Vision Publishing

Title: 155 Reasons Why People Choose The Wrong Mate

The author explains how easily it is to be overpowered by the Enemy's tatics when God ISN'T the ultimate decision maker of choosing your mate for you. If you've had enough of being emotionally drained and heartbroken over and over again. This book will give you information as you obtain knowledge and successfully apply what you've learned to answer your unanwered questions to walk in a victorious relationship!


Author: Dr. Debora F. Grant
Hope of Vision Publishing

Title: Betray Me Not Part I

This book is dedicated to all women who are in the dating realm. Pay close attention to initial signs in a relationship before falling in love. If you take the time out to become friends first, you will discover whether you want it to be a lasting, meaningful relationship or continue with a platonic friendship. The telltale signs are always there from the beginning of a courtship. Listen to your heart first because once someone has your heart, your soul will eventually follow.


Author: Linda Stallworth
Hope of Vision Publishing

Title: Betray Me Not: A Mother's Revenge Part II

This is the conclusion to Betray Me Not Part I. This story is about a mother who is eager to seek revenge from her daughter's formal lover whom she put her heart, soul, and trust in. Her daughter MaryAnn was betrayed and neglected by the very doctor responsible for her care. Instead, something went terribly wrong, deadly wrong. The unanticipated number of events resulting from the relationship came to a tragic end once she found out the unforgivable truth behind his web of lies..


Author: Lolita L. King
Hope of Vision Publishing

Title: Groomed For The Kingdom: A Teenager's Perspective

Living for the kingdom as a teenager is not very easy. There are certain expectations and standards you have to uphold as a teenager in the kingdom. It's hard to live for the kingdom because of peer pressure, hormonal changes, and wanting to experience life at a different point of view.

Author: Pastor William Smith
Hope of Vision Publishing

Title: 101 Quotes: From A Father's Heart

Pastor William 'Bill' Smith received Christ at the early age of nine. After 53 years in ministry, Pastor Smith still lifts Christ as the center of his message. His preaching can be described as simple, down-to-earth, full of spontaneous wise quotes, yet profound and powerful.

Author: Willie A.
Jackson, Jr.
Hope of Vision Publishing

Title: Let Me In

Let Me In will allow you to analyze yourself, the people around you, and God. This book is compiled with 61 small stories. Most of these stories are in parable format with bible references for a greater understanding. The best friend to Let Me In is the Bible. Let Me In will encourage you in several areas of your life.